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Tour Groups

Tour Groups

The Tourist Trail is a great event for visiting tour groups

The Tourist Trail is the perfect way for Tour Groups or foreign visitors to get to know the city and each other. They will definitely find some fun!

Available all over Ireland, the Tourist Trail is a fun filled Treasure Hunt game written just for tour groups or foreign visitors.

Like our City Hunts it lasts about 2 hours but the clues are easier and written without any cryptic additions such as anagrams and the like.

We also include some general tourist information on the local areas you’re visiting plus some fun local trivia.

The Tourist Trail runs in and around the main shopping and tourist areas of Irish cities.

It includes:

  • Location Clues
  • Photo Challenges
  • Trivia
  • Scavenger Hunt
  • Location Map

Here is a testimonial from a Treasure Hunt we organised for a group of English and Italian visitors:

Hi Will, Just a short note to thank you very much for the fabulous work you have done! The Treasure Hunt was very appreciated by all the guests and was the hit of the week-end. Guests have had a lot of fun taking pics, running after location clues, counting windows (and arguing on the number!), answering Trivia questions and finally working on the riddles with a pint of Guinness! As for the level of the questions, this was just right, challenging but not impossible. 

 Thanks again – Olivia

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